Repairing Metalware A Yahoo online group

If you are involved with any kind of metal work, we invite you to be a member  of Repairing Metalware, a Yahoo group devoted to the topic of metal care, repair, restoration, preservation and some conservation.

It’s a fact of life, sooner or later all metal objects are going to need care, upkeep, repair — attention of some sort. Flatware, tableware, holloware, art work, sculpture, silver, pewter, copper, silver-plate, brass, bronze,
door knobs to candlesticks, they are all going to need help living out the destiny for which they were created.

If you are already involved in this important part of the metalworking world, you know that every project has its own unique challenges. This group is the perfect place to share what we have learned and learn other ways to do things that we might not have thought of. Why reinvent the wheel when we don’t have to?

Repairing Metalware, is also dedicated to helping newcomers learn about this art/craft/trade. This is important because there’s a mountain of work to do and fewer qualified people willing and able to do it each year. The internet provides a perfect way for scattered individuals to ask questions, share ideas,
sources, trade secrets, and generally help and encourage each other.

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