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Preserving Bronze Plaques & Memorials --
3rd edition

Preserving Bronze Plaques and Memorials is a 31 page, fully illustrated PDF eBook.  The 3rd edition
has been improved and updated and is available to view on line.  It provides all the  information you
need to simply and effectively preserve bronze plaques and memorials.   While this book is copyrighted 
(2011, James R. Walker), you have permission to print,  copy and distribute it -- as long as you don't alter
it or sell it.  

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Contents include:

                      Why bronze plaques & memorials need our care (short video clip)
                      Overview of the process
                      Supplies needed
                      Preserving bronze plaques & memorials (7 steps)
                      How bronze plaques & memorials are made
                      Why use wax?
                      Making a wax brush


Click here for a dramatic example of what a simple preservation treatment can do.