Amazing results are possible with preservation treatment

Even though I can’t promise that a preservation treatment will make a deteriorated bronze headstone look new again, here is an example of how one turned out.

Example 1 -beforeExample 1 -afterBefore, it was heavily crusted with mineral deposits from the hard water used at the cemetery. The only thing done in addition to the standard preservation treatment was to scrub with vinegar after the first wash and rinse.

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Rouzerville’s World War II monument rededicated

“Veterans, politicians and local residents gathered in Red Run Park Wednesday evening to rededicate Rouzerville’s World War II memorial only a few days after the 70th anniversary of D-Day.

Part of the project included moving the World War II memorial — consisting of a World War II era cannon and a bronze plaque — from its location between two homes in Rouzerville to the Sept. 11, 2001, memorial at the park. The second part was refurbishing the memorial, which included rebronzing the plaque and replacing the equipment that attaches it to the stone display.”

rouserville plaqueClick to read story by Zach Glenn, The Record Herald 6/12/14