Month: November 2018

Why Memorials Matter

Memorials are important cultural icons that dot the land by the thousands. They provide a direct connection with the past

Memorials need to be remembered

As I was visiting the library in Rancho Santa Fe, a small town about 26 miles north of the city

“Take time to dream”

Lou Brancaccio, editor of The Columbian, published an article today titled A pleasant surprise in taking time to dream, sparked by

Restoring Bronze Plaques & Memorials

Our preference is always to keep metal objects as close to original as possible,  which is why we have been

2008 News Articles

-Thieves making off with bronze plaques United Press International (Riverside, CA) Jan. 22 —Marsh plaques are stolen Port Huron Times Herald (Port Huron, MI)

Repairing Metalware A Yahoo online group

If you are involved with any kind of metal work, we invite you to be a member  of Repairing Metalware,

Preserving Bronze Plaques & Memorials – 3rd edition

Preserving Bronze Plaques and Memorials is a 31 page, fully illustrated PDF eBook. The 3rd edition has been improved and updated

Operation Rediscover

Dedicated to locating, caring for and sharing information about bronze plaques & memorials