Newel Post Lamp, complete restorationNewel Post Lamp, complete restoration





Walker Metalsmith

(Became a full-time business in 1974,
part-time five years before that, three years' apprenticeship before that.)


Thank you for your interest. My aim is to provide the highest quality work possible. My services revolve around repairing, restoring and preserving the creations of past & present metalsmithsI mostly work with non-ferrous metal (brass, bronze, copper, pewter, silver, silver -plate, spelter).  The objects I work with include: art metal, clock figurines, holloware, sculpture, damaged statuary, tableware, lamps, part duplication and fine metalware in general.


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Bronze plaques & memorials deserve to speak clearly to future generations. Operation Rediscover encourages you to locate, care for and share information about them. Click here for instructions. Also, please visit my blog Operation Rediscover, follow on Twitter & Facebook (Operation Rediscover) & my personal Facebook page.

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