Why Memorials Matter

Memorials are important cultural icons that dot the land by the thousands. They provide a direct connection with the past

Memorials need to be remembered

As I was visiting the library in Rancho Santa Fe, a small town about 26 miles north of the city

“Take time to dream”

Lou Brancaccio, editor of The Columbian, published an article today titled A pleasant surprise in taking time to dream, sparked by

Restoring Bronze Plaques & Memorials

Our preference is always to keep metal objects as close to original as possible,  which is why we have been

Removing Glass Stopper from perfume bottle

The following are photos showing how I removed a glass stopper from a perfume bottle. 1) The problem: The bottle

Bronze Plaque & Memorial Preservation Kit

Most of the items in this kit are ones you can find locally, or lready have around your home, so you

Plaque & Memorial Preservation Wax

The clear finish of plaques & memorials needs to be protected from the powerful Ultra Violet (UV) radiation in sunlight.

2008 News Articles

-Thieves making off with bronze plaques United Press International (Riverside, CA) Jan. 22 —Marsh plaques are stolen Port Huron Times Herald (Port Huron, MI)

Repairing Metalware A Yahoo online group

If you are involved with any kind of metal work, we invite you to be a member  of Repairing Metalware,

Preserving Bronze Plaques & Memorials – 3rd edition

Preserving Bronze Plaques and Memorials is a 31 page, fully illustrated PDF eBook. The 3rd edition has been improved and updated